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The Company. Hugg Manufacturing is a company that was created by Dick Hugg. Dick began as a farmer and trucking company owner. Dick holds several patents and has recently applied his skill in metal fabrication to solve some of the most common problems truckers experience in the field . Dick’s approach to this business is simple. Become familiar with the industry by experience and participation, listen to those who really make the industry work, and help them accomplish their jobs faster and easier by applying common sense and a little American ingenuity. All of our products are still developed by Dick himself. They are tested, re-tested, approved and appreciated by you, the American trucker. Congratulations on choosing the best portable securement products in the industry.

“We started using Porta Winches about a year ago. My drivers like them and they are easy to use.”
P.B., DiIIiner PA

“...when strapping a load over the tires you have all the clearance you need... you can’t be a flatbedder without several these on hand.”
J.N., Huffrnan, TX

“If you have an irregular load or need winches on the opposite side (of the trailer), the Porta Winch gets the job done. My stepdeck has tool boxes that won’t allow enough room for regular winches. Believe me these work!”
J.L., Norco, CA

“We built the first PortaWinch for ourselves to use on our own trucks. Our thought was to make them easy to use and durable. We still have the original models on our trucks, and we didn’t change a thing when we started producing them for the industry”

Dick Hugg
President - Hugg Mfg.
Owner - Hugg Transport